about the show

The Vestibular Fold, or “False Vocal Cord,” is a mucous membrane deep in the most brutal depths of the human larynx. While it plays an important role in breathing and swallowing, its most vital contribution to human evolution has been the harsh screaming and “death growl” vocal styles prominent in today’s heavy metal.

False Chords, the podcast (with a CH), is a show made up of weekly conversations with heavy metal vocalists. We’re talking with singers from across the vast spectrum of metal sub genres - from Doom to Grindcore to Power Metal to Deathcore and everything in between. If they sing, scream, screech, yell, growl, gurgle or grumble, they have a place on this podcast. And whether they’re signed to a major label or are a solo artist cranking out jams in their bedroom - if head banging is warranted, we’ll have ‘em on.

And who is “we?”

“We” is “me” — your host, Tim (Grim?) Bubb. I’m the vocalist for ToTheArk and Vela, and have been fooling around with harsh vocal techniques for well over a decade. And I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing! That’s where these weekly conversations with awesome vocalists from around the world come in: teaching me (and by extension, you, the listener) ways to improve our vocal chops, turning us on to fresh music, making us laugh with crazy tour stories, sharing forbidden studio tricks and so much more. I’m honored to have you along for the ride!

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